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Humanity struggles to decide on colour of dress

We’ve put a man on the moon and yet humanity is this afternoon, struggling to comprehend the colour of this one, ordinary dress. Regardless of whether you are seeing black and blue or white and…


My Year with Jamie Oliver, PART ONE

You may recall from pervious blog posts, namely ‘New Year’s Real-solutions (click here to read it) that I like to make unique and unusual resolutions for myself. Amongst my resolutions for 2015 is…



Justin Bieber Surprises Burn Victim On The Drs

Justin Bieber really is trying to be a better guy, it would seem! The singer visited the TV show The Drs. and it was to check on a fan who'd been severely burnt in a house fire: Image -…
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Charli XCX Sideshows

Charli XCX will be in Australia to perform Groovin The Moo 2015 in April and May and has announced a bunch of sideshows while she's here! The singer-songwriter has announced three shows on top of…


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Ignite your child's imagination!

When: 2015.02.06 to 06/02/2015 at 10am - 11am Where: CityLibraries Aitkenvale, 4 Petunia Street, Aitkenvale Cost: FREE Ignite your child's imagination and accelerate their language development, by listening to great children's stories, songs and rhymes. Contact: or 1300878001